Raj Bahadur (Dadda) , Dewan Sadar of Rampur State

- Raj Bahadur came to Rampur State in 1880s

- Became Dewan Sadar of Rampur (Head of State Affairs)

- Received the Title: Bahadur (means brave) from the Nawab (king)

- Built Dewan House in 1890 on the land given to him by the Nawab of Rampur (read Story of Dewan House)

- Father of the Bahadur Clan

- 10 children

6 boys and 4 daughters

See 5 of 6 brothers and 3 or 4 sisters in the portrait below.

The Group Picture (below) Circa 1920s features 5 of the 6 sons of Raj Bahadur and  his daughters & daughter-in-laws in the back row.

(Please help identify the people in the picture)