Thanks to Suresh Sahib, Madhuri bua, Chandrakant phoopha  and Sunil’s efforts, we have an update to this picture caption on the picasa album, but I thought it would be good to put it here in the post. Rakesh is about 6-months old – his birthday is Feb 14th, 1948 and this picture was taken on Diwali, there are two group of photos as some of the family was not there on the first day.  I have pasted the caption comments  below.

Contributions by Daddy (Suresh Sh.),  Madhuri bua and Chandrakant Phupha:

From RajeSahab_album

Center is Dadi, her left, Munni Bua (Srita Satyawakta’s Dadi, Dunni / Chunni Chacha’s mother), Brij Bahadur (Anne Tauji’s father, also known as Babu), Nanneh Chichcha ( Pratap bahadur father of Rajjan Chacha) . Dadis’s right, Bhagwati Bua, Bare papa (Shyam Bahadur), Shamsher Bahadur (father of Birender tauji, Prema Bua and Sarla Bua).

Standing behind from left – Shibban Chichcha ( Satyendra Bahadur), Neelam bua, Chhoti bua , Chhaprewali chachi (Birendra Tauji’s mother), Bhopalwali Chachi (Arun Chacha, Munan Chacha, and Asha Bua’s mother), Nai Chachi, Sandilewali chachi, Prema Bua, Bhaiyya Chichcha, Rajjan Sh., last row:standing from left: Kusum bua, Kaluram chacha. Madhuri bua, Bimla Bua, Krishna Bua, Birender tauhji, Shambhu Chacha, Bhukku Chacha
Sitting in front: Sushila bua, Shakuntala bua, Sarla bua, Robi Chacha, rest not known.

“sunil Apr 30, 2010 9:20 AM It has taken them entire evening to find out who’s who”

Many thanks to the Lucknow team, the effort is applauded.
Also many thanks to Raje-Sahib and family for scanning these pictures and sending them to us from London.
Cheers !!
-yogesh -
This Photo has the missing family members:

From RajeSahab_album

1948 Diwali Photo – Sheoraj Bahadur & Satyendar Bahadur Family -
( Front L to R) Children – Dinesh Bahadur, Vibha, Asha(Blurred), Arun
Seated: Chandrawati (Bhauji), Badi Amma, Dadi, Rakesh (baby), Manjhli Bua, Shakuntla (Bhopal wali Chachi)
Standing – Sheoraj Bahadur, Shashi, Indu Krishna (Baby Bua), Sneh (Anga), Satyender Bahadur (Shabban Chacha)