1940s - Family Group - Front Courtyard - Seated (L to R) -

The more you see these photographs the more you remember the golden days spent in Dewan House. Instantly you are taken there.

Unfortunately we all could not get-together in Rampur (for the reunion),
now at least let’s have, all our clan’s photographs completed lot easy to explain to new generation what’s what. All of us have one two photographs lying here and there and we do need to lay hands on them now only.

Once for all we would be able to achieve a lot making use of latest technology, courtesy Yogesh and Rakesh.

Dadda (Raj Bahadur) was asked to throw the given peace of marble with his full might and wherever it fell the land was measured from point it was thrown and allotted to him by the Nawab of Rampur. That’s the story of the size of the land of Dewan House. There is a Royal Sanad (Shahi Farman) to this effect.

Please keep copying your messages to each other in the bargain our mailing list and related information will get completed too.

Dadda was Dewan Sadar, controller of State’s finance. This post was to remain with his generation to generation just like British system. He only held the key of the Royal Treasury, most trusted job.

When Waliad Sahib (Murtaza Ali Khan) was born he was called at that hour to specially open the treasury as Nawab wanted to shower money to celebrate his son’s birth.

Thakur Baba always accompanied him carrying all his official papers and bags of money. If any one can lay hand on Thakur Baba’s photograph you will see how royally he used to wear the dress (uniform) and his Safa.
Dadda’s monthly salary was carried by Thakur Baba in small gunny bags tight and full of silver rupee coins. Salaries were given by weight and not by count. The salary bag was directly delivered to Dadi Lady of the Dewan House who ran a big household. Her word was law there was no negotation on her decisions and policies. Her’s was the final word in running this huge responsiblity. Her sons were like most obedient to her, extending full respect and not a word of objection. So was clear to others all of us that here is no room of liking or not liking.

Once a journalist uncle of ours made family tree and told Dadi “Do you know from you there are 100 members of the family.” She was so furious that she gave him bit of her mind.  “It’s last time that you counted my family members and you will not do so in future”

It was not considered good omen to count family members. NAZAR MAT LAGAO meri family ko. Perhaps so proud of all of us.

You are all most welcome to come forward with your memories/collection connected with (DH) Dewan House.

Let’s sum it up more properly and completely. At least this much we can do from our house only, where there is no travel involved.

Most of us are on e-mail but I see very few addresses, I hope to get next e-mail with every body’s e-mail.

All I can say “Hit the iron when its hot and its the time to do so”.

Definitely on week-end we must steal some time to feed whatever information we have, one and all.


Robi (Ravindra Bahadur Khare)

Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2010 06:49:02 +0530

Dear All,

I’m sure when you hit the following link :

`Aap apne aap ko shayad rok nahin payenge apni scanned photos Yogesh ko email karne se.`
Please ensure that we also give the official names along with the nick names.
Please rush send to add more and more info of yours.
Sunil Satyawakta

———- Forwarded message ———-

Date: 3 April 2010 13:19

You may have received mails from Rakesh and Yougesh who are really seriously busy compiling details of all RAMPUR HOUSE. I am sure you will appreciate this task they have undertaken, we all need to feed them with the information/photographs in this connection. All we have can be e-mailed to them or given to me for scanning and return.
Please take a minute off to complete your family particulars with full details and lets compile all e-mail addresses at the same time. Keep copying each other and let the list be consolidated.
More later.