Baboo was a man of few words. Most respected by one and all in the whole family. Every Sunday he spent with Dadi at Dewan House. Part of his salary must come to Dadi, he made sure. BBC news 0530, he will never miss, his cup of tea and hukka was found ready well in time before he occupied his chair. Bhanoo was his most loyal obedient servant to ensure all his timely requirements. May it rain sunshine summer or severe winter he will reach on bi-cycle by 0430 every morning without fail. An example of true KHIDMATGAR. Firstly he never gave opportunity to be asked to do it will be found done just in case before you summoned he will be present with whatever was the requirement of that hour.  So observant.

Baboo was very fond of children. Could not see any harsh treatment to any child. Maluvi Sh. used to come to teach all at Dewan House, and was very strict with a cane. If at all Baboo saw this canning taking place he used to get very upset and take Shimbu Sh. and others with him. But next day Maluvi Sh. will reach there on bi-cycle to fetch them and ensure class is conducted. Class was conducted on a big TAKHAT all of us and kids from mohalla also used to attend his class.
All his brothers used to call upon him and used to take his advice. Once Naney Chichha found him scaling road up and down in front of his banglow, reason Baboo gave I have been asked by angry Kalu Ram (who was his weekness) to get out of the house. Unending incidents of his simplicity.

Raza Sugar factory was closed on the day of his death, he commanded such tremendous respect.